Student Employment


Library Techs serve the learning community of Southwestern College.  The SC learning community includes students, faculty, emeritus faculty, staff, alumni, campus visitors, other librarians, family members of students and alumni, Winfield residents, and Kansas residents, otherwise known as library patrons.  The mission of Deets Library staff and students is to encourage and support lifelong learning.

Library Techs must be pleasant, responsible, reliable, and in good academic standing.  Previous library experience is appreciated, but not required. Applications will be kept on file for one year.

Duties may include the following:

  • Provide outstanding customer service on a consistent basis
  • Welcome members of the learning community in a warm, open, and friendly manner and assist them efficiently, helpfully, and patiently
  • Model lifelong learning and help patrons develop skills to use library resources independently
  • Provide service with respect for the amount of time community members have for the interaction
  • Maintain library service areas in a neat and cleanly manner, including the service desk, CardSwipe printer/copier/scanner, study areas on all floors, and the restrooms
  • Complete all required statistics and reporting, including door count, Student Success study hours reporting, cash management, reference questions, and shift reports
  • Handle cash and other payments according to procedures
  • Understand and apply inventory control procedures for materials, including shelving items
  • Check-in and shelve periodicals according to procedures
  • Clean books, shelves, and DVDs regularly to prolong the life and improve the usability of the materials
  • Understand FERPA (privacy law) and the value of patron privacy, and follow procedures that protect patron privacy
  • Become technology and information literate and share those skills with patrons
  • Perform reference interviews to ascertain patrons’ needs for information
  • Guide patrons to appropriate resources that meet their information needs and literacy development
  • Provide access to library resources in all formats by knowing where they are and how to access them both on campus and off
  • Engage as an integral part of the Deets Library Team
  • Serve the learning community as the day-to-day public face of the library and therefore a very important part of the team
  • Prioritize activities appropriately by serving patrons first, doing library work second, and doing homework third
  • Perform basic interlibrary loan activities under the direction of the Lead Library Tech and the Interim Library Director
  • Understand basic copyright law as it pertains to the library and help patrons apply it
  • Work collaboratively and flexibly with each other
  • Arrange for coverage for your absences in advance
  • Perform project work as assigned and take full responsibility for your work
  • Accept payment of fines and notify the Interim Library Director of all fines paid


Please complete an application if you wish to work in the library. You may request a print application at the service desk. Include a current copy of your course schedule and a list of specific hours you will be able to work. Provide a resume and a letter of reference as instructed in the application. An application will not be accepted without a letter of reference. Email your application materials with a short message to the Interim Library Director, Marjorie Snyder, at