Room Reservations and Schedules

Room Reservations

Please follow the procedures below if you wish to hold an event at the Harold and Mary Ellen Deets Library.  Failure to do so may cause you or your group to lose the privilege to use the library for events.

If the event will be held before or after normal library hours:

  • Contact Marjorie Snyder (x6312) or to request approval and staffing for a before-hours or after-hours event.
  • Contact Security (x6111) to let them know people will be in the building if the library will not be open during your event.

Clean up after event, especially any food messes.  Notify Marjorie of any stains immediately.

If using any technology other than what is provided, contact the computer center (x6444) for assistance.

If showing a movie of any kind, work with the library to obtain permission from the copyright holders.  Doing so without permission violates copyright law and the event organizers will be held responsible for any violations, not Deets Library or Southwestern College.

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Conference Room Schedules

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